About this Adventurer

Joe Turkey2

Somedayi is about people aspiring to reach a life-long goal, realize a dream, change course in life or create a path to their definition of freedom. Since I have accomplished a couple of these Dan, the creator of “someday i,” asked me to contribute to this site. Hopefully my stories might help others make a life change or realize a dream.

I believe that if you dream of something or have a life-time goal they can become a reality. And for me many have. Some were easy to achieve, while others required hard work.

As a kid I was fascinated with space travel. My goal even then was to become part of this exciting new frontier. I thought, “Some day I will help put men into space.” With hard work I did. I eventually worked at the Johnson Space Center in Houston as a space shuttle mission planner.

When I was 18 I did a road trip from Virginia to Los Angeles and back with a close friend. For the next four years in college I dreamed of moving West and all those adventures I would have. When I graduated I moved to Denver (and my friend moved to Fort Collins, CO). Now all those adventures are out my front door.

I’ve always enjoyed and valued traveling and seeing what’s around the next corner. My bucket list never seemed to grow shorter, only longer. To try and see all those places I had to come up with a way to make those adventures come true. But how?

I decided a number of years ago (along with a life-changing event) to try and fore go the 8 to 5, 40 hour per week job working for someone else. I needed more time off than the standard week or two week vacation. Freelancing and living more modestly seemed to be the answer. It was the opposite of what I had been used to and what most people do.  After thinking about it and weighing the pros and cons I decided to do it. Now I would have both the time and money to realize my dream to travel more and experience that big world out there. So far it’s been working and I’ve never looked back.

I believe that it’s never too late to change your life or realize your dream. I hope my stories will entertain you and perhaps inspire you to realize that someday i….

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